Athletes live longer than ordinary people
 According to two recent studies, published in the BMJ, Olympic athletes, thanks to its strict system of training, live longer than many other people. Moreover, this statement is true to the best athletes regardless of sport.

The researchers studied the life expectancy of 15,174 Olympic athletes with medals from countries such as USA, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All athletes received at least one medal during the Olympic Games between 1896 and 2010, and were compared with the general population groups, matched by age, sex and country. The results showed that, overall, Olympic medalists live an average of 2 and 8 years longer than the population in eight of the nine countries of the 30-year follow-up.

Although the authors did not investigate the causes of the Olympic longevity, they have provided a few theories. Athletes generally healthier than the average person, and Olympic athletes - samples of healthy nutrition and physical fitness. Sports probably enhances any potential genetic advantages humans. It is also possible that the status of the athletes provide them with more opportunities to follow a healthy lifestyle.


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Author: Anna Shustrova