Contest "Stylish voyage" with on
 The lady handed in the baggage:
Shopping cart,
And the little dog.

Not all the ladies who go to the trip, a business trip or any other trip, are willing to take all their possessions. But even in my most light, a lady always take care that all the same to take along for the ride.

Apparel, carefully packed in a suitcase or travel bag, worthy of special attention - for us to be comfortable, stylish, practical and worthy travel companion.

What autfity or images you choose to travel, you are connected with them special memories, think carefully whether you every detail of dress, going on their way, or plan to update your wardrobe on a trip? project and announce a competition "Stylish voyage."

 Contest "Stylish voyage" with on

Publish your autfit made the trip, traveling or business trip, tell us in a comment to a photo where you took the picture, and what memories associated with it, and win one of three prizes - vouchers to pay for rent apartments Wimdu using the service at the time of travel.

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Member whose image pick up maximum points in the voting members will be awarded a voucher in the amount of 150 euros.

Participant autfit which will evaluate the administration of the project, will receive a gift voucher worth 100 euros.

And the image of selected sponsors of the competition, representatives of the rental service abroad, will be marked with a voucher worth 50 euros.

Vouchers act both as a rental payment on a trip, and to get a discount on the rent through the service The period of validity of the voucher is unlimited.

To take part in the competition and win a prize from, it is necessary in the period from 28 January 2013 to 21 February 2013, to place in a competitive photo album "Stylish voyage" from one to five of your photos. The main requirement - you, your image and your trip. Photos must be accompanied by a commentary, which tells about the location shooting, and why this image has been selected for the trip.

Read the rules of the contest, take part and win a prize from & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Anna Shustrova