Leonardo festival "Joy of Creativity" in St. Petersburg!
 Hobby-hypermarket "Leonardo" and TC "Balkania NOVA» for all lovers of art and handicrafts organized in February, the 18th festival "Joy of Creativity" in St. Petersburg. The event will be held on 9 and 10 February at the TC "Balkania NOVA» at the Balkan area, 5.

The festival will host a huge number of free practical demonstrations and workshops and presentations, the event where guests can enjoy themselves in a variety of needlework techniques such as embroidery, knitting, drawing, scrapbooking, decoupage, beading, felting, mosaic, etc. For each there is a lesson in taste and interest. Invited masters and designers inspire participants to create original work and will help bring imagination to life.

The festival program will be filled with works of authorship - stained glass, batik, decorative panels, embroidered work, oil paintings, pastels, watercolors. As well as all kinds of decorated interior items: boxes, frames, kitchen utensils, trays, candles, mirrors, vases, and a collection of hand-made dolls, various options for decoupage.
Visitors will have the novelty of Panna - «tableau vivant." A new series of bulk embroidery on fabric with a print.

For the youngest guests of the festival will take place a special creative activities - sculpture, painting, decoration of various items, applique, creating paintings of sequins and more where children can learn a new hobby, and choose for themselves. February 10 at 14.00 will be awarded the winners of the contest of children's drawings "In the animal world," all the work of the participants, visitors can see the exhibition on the stand during the festival.

A visit to the festival and participate in all activities - for free!

Leonardo festival "Joy of Creativity" will bring together masters of their craft, and those who are not fond of needlework ever and decorated, helping to reveal creative abilities in each.

  "Try it and you will succeed! "- The motto of our holiday!
Leonardo festival "Joy of Creativity" invites everyone to share the creative, warm atmosphere and good mood.

Come, it will be interesting!

For more information about the participants and the program of the workshops can be found at: www.leonardo.ru

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova