Micro-corrector Maybelline Eraser - now in Russia!
 Brand Maybelline is a novelty for women over 35 years old - Micro-corrector concealer-Care Eraser. It aims not only to retouch imperfections, but also smooth out wrinkles.

Unique applicator creates a perfectly smooth coating, which can not be achieved when applied with the fingers or a sponge. Super concentrated formula, enriched with extracts of Goji berries, improves skin elasticity.


Number 010 Vanilla Beige
Number 020 Pink and beige
Number 040 Light Beige
Number 005 Light Beige
Number 030 Light Beige
Naturally number 021 beige

 Micro-corrector Maybelline Eraser - now in Russia!

The tool has long been known in the West and is in great demand there. For example, on youtube, you can find a lot of clips with reviews on the use of Maybelline Eraser   in English.

The price on the website L'Etoile: 341 rubles.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova