The Body Shop: refreshing collection of Absinthe
 A refreshing sensation! Absinthe Collection is in stores The Body Shop! New cosmetic products for skin care hands will give not only moisture, smoothness and softness, but also a great feeling of freshness, which is so often lacking. Come to your local store The Body Shop to evaluate an amazing aroma and properties of new cosmetics Absinthe!

Refreshing oil for arms "Absinthe"

 The Body Shop: refreshing collection of Absinthe

Oil Hand with a delightful refreshing scent perfectly moisturizes dry skin and gives it a feeling of freshness. It absorbs quickly and literally melts into the skin.

Price: 570 rubles.

A refreshing cleanser "Absinthe"

 The Body Shop: refreshing collection of Absinthe

Let's say dirty hands and bad smell - our emphatic no! Your skin will always delightfully clean, well moisturized and fresh thanks to the wonderful refreshing cleanser Absinthe. His gentle foam wash away all cares and discomfort.

Price: 290 rubles.

Refreshing Hand Cream "Absinthe"

 The Body Shop: refreshing collection of Absinthe

Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that the hands are not enough, not only softness and hydration, but also freshness? Hand Cream Absinthe with a fresh aroma and lightest texture - a breath of freshness and moisture for dry and tired skin of hands.

Price: 270 rubles. (30 ml) and 490 rubles. (100 ml)

In addition to the extract of absinthe, in the media line "Absinthe" contains excellent moisturizing shea butter, which is purchased in Ghana Community Trade.

Cosmetics Hand Absinthe It contains no triclosan . The Body Shop uses triclosan in the composition of their cosmetic products, since in contact with an aqueous medium it exerts a harmful influence.

In the sale of the collection will go roughly 23 January 2013

Author: Anna Shustrova