Two percent of women do not need a deodorant
 University of Bristol published the results of their study, which found that among us there are the lucky 2% that do not sweat under the armpits.

Scientists at the University of Bristol have concluded that in the world there is a 2% of women who have no underarm sweating. These women are the bearers of a rare gene (ABC11), which is the reason for the absence of sweat under the armpits.

Can you figure out whether you have this useful gene? Experts have found a fairly simple way. People who are carriers of the gene have a dry and not sticky earwax. If earwax is dry, then you do not need deodorant.

However, even among the 2% of the lucky few who refuses antiperspirants. About 75% of those who can not be afraid about the unpleasant smell from the armpits, still use deodorant. These are the results of the study. And the reason is simple - advertising does the job.

Author: Julia Gnedina