A revolution in the fight against wrinkles - Anew Clinical A-F33
 Avon makes a revolution in the world of anti-aging! The company represents a revolutionary serum wrinkle-corrector Anew Clinical A-F33, which demonstrates unsurpassed results in the fight against the signs of aging.

For 20 years in the line Anew Avon   It offers innovations in the fight against wrinkles, making them accessible to every woman. In 1992, the first mass-market funds presented with fruit acids (AHA).

Today, this event is overshadowed by a new breakthrough - the discovery of the active substance aminofilla A-F33 . Development was created by Avon   in partnership c NeoStrata Company Inc. , The technology leader in anti-age. Exclusive rights to use the new molecule are owned by Avon   (for 2 years) - the first time in the history of the industry. *
Aminofill A-F33   It has a fundamentally different mechanism of action than all hitherto known elements: retinol, coenzyme Q10, glycolic acid. A-F33   releases its own collagen skin, which stimulates the production of components of the skin matrix and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Also included in the serum elastin and fibrillin forming elastic fibers of the epidermis.

 A revolution in the fight against wrinkles - Anew Clinical A-F33

Clinically, it is proved that when applied Serum Wrinkle corrector Anew Clinical A F33   twice a day, expression lines and wrinkles are reduced in only 7 days. **

• 5 out of 10 women who are thinking about plastic surgery, after use Serum Wrinkle corrector Anew Clinical A-F33   We decided to postpone the procedure. ***

• Over time, 100% of women noted a decrease in visibility of facial wrinkles. **

• At 100% member wrinkles became less noticeable after 11 weeks, while 96% of women reduced wrinkles. **

• New Whey is faster and more efficient than the best anti-aging products developed by dermatologists. **

 A revolution in the fight against wrinkles - Anew Clinical A-F33

* The market of mass consumption.

** Based on clinical studies under dermatological control after 11 weeks of use.

*** Based on a consumer perception study. The results are not comparable with cosmetic procedures.

The premiere list price:   750 rubles.

On sale:   Since October, exclusively among representatives of Avon.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova