Advertising Dior with Natalie Portman banned in the UK
 At this time, advertising is not banned because consumers complained. Controlling advertising British Association itself considered that the advertising "exaggerates the consequences of using the product."

Again guilty Photoshop. Eyelashes Natalie Portman too long and unreal beautiful - probably because considered representatives of ASA (British Association for the Control of Advertising Standards). And Natalie such luxurious lashes mascara advertises Diorshow New Look lash-multiplying mascara. Accordingly, the consumer could be misled that this new product is able to create, and it the same long eyelashes.

Representatives of Parfums Christian Dior admitted that the retouching was. But the explanation came quite lengthy. It appears, at first the picture was intended to promote lipstick. However, plans changed when the advertisers realize how beautiful Natalie eyes. And when shooting Natalie was a different ink, so it took Photoshop. Retoucher was ordered to make eyelashes actress a little more separated and recycled. He was asked to work so that his eyes Portman could illustrate the potential of the new mascara. Specialists ASA saw this excessive use retouching. They felt that the long eyelashes Portman may mislead the buyer and deceive his expectations.

 Advertising Dior with Natalie Portman banned in the UK
Banned in the UK advertising

Author: Julia Gnedina