Cleaning Cream CIF: it's time to cleanliness
 The last days of December - a time when we are preparing their homes for a meeting of the New Year and receiving guests. Now more than ever you need to kitchen and bathroom were in pristine condition! Easily and quickly remove even the most difficult dirt back around the house pristine purity and radiance for a few minutes will help you cleaning cream CIF - skills in effective cleansing of the surface with care!

CIF cleaning cream   It is designed specifically to help modern housewife: it instantly cope with all the pollution in the house! CIF   - Your great assistant for effective cleaning without additional time and effort.

Effective formula

Soft, delicate, but at the same time a strong and effective cleaning cream CIF   new packaging - a competent means of struggle for the purity! Unlike detergents containing solid abrasive particles and sharp, creams CIF   delicately refers to the surface and do not scratch them. Thanks to the powerful formula cream CIF Having dual action, microparticle powder removed 100% ingrained grease and dirt, and cream base washes away stubborn dirt in every corner of the house.

Comfort and ergonomics

New packaging cleaning cream CIF   It does not slip into the hands and ensures accurate dosing detergent sparingly distributing it on the contaminated surfaces. Convenient format CIF , Powerful formula and ergonomic packaging - these are the key factors that allow you to keep your home in perfect purity and devote more time to his family.

 Cleaning Cream CIF: it's time to cleanliness
  Cleaning Cream CIF: it's time to cleanliness

Caring for the surface

Every day in the world, new interior design and, accordingly, innovative types of coatings and surfaces. Who knows what unique content may appear in your home after the repair? Regardless of their diversity formula cleaning creams CIF   effectively acts on the dirt on all surfaces: enamel, ceramic, steel, glass, plastic and acrylic - and removes them for a few minutes.

CIF   to shine to clean even the most difficult dirt on the stove, refrigerator, countertop, pots, sink, tub and shower. Thanks to a range of versatile cleaning cream CIF   in a more convenient package you can easily and quickly return to your home pristine purity.

Cream CIF. Always shining results

Author: Anna Shustrova