Fragrant novelty of La Perla - Divina Gold Edition
 Italian lingerie brand La Perla regularly pleases us with their perfume masterpieces. And now, the novelty of the famous brand - fragrance Divina Gold Edition. New perfume already being sold in the most famous London department store Harrods, and, we hope, will soon be available in Russian.

The new limited edition fragrance is a perfume Flanker 2011 La Perla Divina . Divina Gold Edition - more a pronounced flavor, it remains longer on the skin. The two fragrances bottles of identical shape, but the bottle Divina Gold   It has a gold color, which indicates that it is more luxurious and "expensive".

Divina Gold Edition   - Elegant luxury fragrance for women who know a lot about style. This floral-oriental composition which, thanks to notes orange blossom, champagne   and ambergris , Has a strong sensual and sexually attractive component. A note strawberries in caramel   make the fragrance incredibly delicious - sweet tooth simply irresistible.

 Fragrant novelty of La Perla - Divina Gold Edition

La Perla Divina Gold Edition   discharged volume of 80 ml at a concentration of Eau de Toilette.


Author: Anna Shustrova