Milla Jovovich is fragrance City Rush by Avon
 The world-famous actress, model and singer Milla Jovovich became the face of the new fragrance City Rush by Avon. This daring and seductive fragrance was created for the stylish, energetic and colorful personalities who enjoy being the center of attention.

"This magnificent flavor - the embodiment of style and sophistication. I just can not do without it!   - Says Milla. - Its refined bouquet connects the natural mystery and sensuality of women. When I put City Rush I feel confident and sexy. I think I can make the streets going in my direction. "

Aromatic compositions for the new fragrance developed the famous Annie Buzantyan   - The first and only woman who earned the honorary title of master perfumer to a perfume house Firmenich. She has created many famous flavors. Yet City Rush   to Avon   It was special: "I wanted to convey elegance fashion diva and the exciting energy that gives the trendy catwalk and camera flashes" - Says Annie. That's why I created the alluring contrast deep floral notes and frank sexuality, which creates a desire.

 Milla Jovovich is fragrance City Rush by Avon

This sophisticated fragrance opens with fresh notes bergamot   and ripe sink Decorated with sparkling tones green ivy .

Sensual heart reveals a seductive floral ornament from black orchids, roses   and vanilla orchid Creating a mysterious and rich bouquet.

Velvet wood tones and notes flower patchouli   merge with silk musky   modulations, giving rise to resistant cable for this fragrance.

 Milla Jovovich is fragrance City Rush by Avon

City Rush   from Avon   created for sexy and self-confident women, such as Milla Jovovich. Try it to feel like a real queen of the metropolis!
The premiere list price:   990 rubles.

On sale: from September 2012   exclusively among representatives of Avon.

Author: Anna Shustrova