Night dental care with beauty serum-Pearl Drops
 There are many ways to maintain the natural whiteness of teeth, but one can hardly find a product that works while you sleep. With this innovative tool coped Beauty Sleep on Pearl Drops - Russia's first beauty-serum for teeth and oral cavity

Part of the serum Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep   active oxygen, gently whitens teeth, and vitamin E, and mint oils protect and restore the enamel and gums. Beauty Sleep   working at night in the period when the body gains strength and the process of cell regeneration.

For best results, experts recommend using Pearl Drops Serum Beauty Sleep every day for a month.   Before going to sleep you need to squeeze a "pea-sized" finger, rub massage movements in the teeth and gums and leave overnight. After the first use of the teeth will look whiter and glossier, and in the morning breath is fresh.

 Night dental care with beauty serum-Pearl Drops

For fans of beauty novelties this innovative product will be a real discovery, and wishing to have healthy and white teeth, Beauty Sleep   like its healing properties and pleasant freshness of mint.

Estimated price: 372 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova