The contest "Homemade cakes for tea"
 Baking - is a wide scope for culinary creativity, diversity reflects its centuries-old experience and skill, the tastes and traditions of the peoples of the world. Of course, the most delicious pastries - is home cooked with his own hands, sometimes requiring a sufficient amount of time, but all efforts are rewarded by the joy of family and friends, with pleasure your taste the culinary delights with a cup of tea.

Site and brand Tefal - the world's leading manufacturer of non-stick cookware, and a world leader in pressure cookers, kitchen appliances, instruments for the preparation of food and beverages, iron and weights, invite you to take part in the new competition "Homemade cakes for tea"

From 23 October to 23 November 2012 inclusive, publish in the competitive group 'Homemade pastries with tea, "her baking recipes, photographs illustrate their own authorship, calculated calorie and win great prizes!

The first winner, whose work will type most votes at the site, will receive a prize - First glass teapot from Tefal function brewing tea .

 The contest "Homemade cakes for tea"

* New BJ7001 from Tefal kettle equipped with a nine-brewing function mode that allows warm water to the ideal temperature, respectively varieties of tea. To achieve a perfect result of a two-phase allows the brewing basket - by heating it at the top, and the leaves do not fall into the water ahead of time. The base of the kettle is made from stainless steel, are not afraid of water and scratches, and requires almost no maintenance. The body is made of environmentally friendly glass SSHOTT German company, which does not affect the taste of the drink. At the same time, this new product can be used as an ordinary kettle. To do this, the set includes a special cover.

BJ7001 - this is the first glass teapot from Tefal, and allow to boil water and make tea. It will be a real decoration of the kitchen and gives you a moment of true pleasure.

The second winner at the end of user voting will receive a gift Three baking dish from Tefal Tefal Natura .
 The contest "Homemade cakes for tea"

* Forms for baking from Tefal Tefal Natura are made of 100% recycled aluminum, a material that is known for excellent thermal conductivity .  It is optimally distributes heat across the surface of the product .  That is why the batter into the pan Tefal Natura rises well and evenly baked through, always providing the best result! The inner surface of products made of non-stick coating, so they baked browns evenly on all sides, does not stick and can be easily removed .  Strict silhouettes shapes made of "delicious" shade of dark chocolate .  This serene and noble color is universal and therefore Tefal Natura perfectly fit in the interior of classical and modern cuisine .  Forms Natura made in France - wonderful country that gave the world the amazing open pies - Tartu and gently crispy croissants .  One of the main secrets of success of French bakers - quality bakeware, such as Tefal Natura . 

The third winner at the end of user voting will receive a prize - Three bakeware EasyGrip from Tefal .
 The contest "Homemade cakes for tea"

* Bakeware EasyGrip from Tefal are made of carbon steel. This durable, lightweight and durable material conducts heat well, helping to bake a good fit, and get baked through evenly. A textured inner surface forms a non-stick coating allows easy to remove cakes from the mold. Ergonomic and stylish design molds perfectly fit into any kitchen.

Read the rules of the contest, take part and win a prize from Tefal & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Anna Shustrova