What is the best mascara curls the lashes?
 This question was answered by beauty editors edition of New York Magazine. And advised two actual working in this area of ​​the product.

The real reason why mascara can curl them - it's not just the design of the brush is used to talk about it advertisers. It's all a part of.

Polymers curling mascara should resist gravity, they form a synthetic tube around the base of each cilium, it acts as a support system to the eyelash is not "fallen" and not straightened.

These polymers have to be pretty strong to support eyelash effect lasted all day. Such mascara composition usually not simply washed off with warm water, and even a means for removing makeup. That is, after the removal of a mascara on the eyelashes and around them is still a little bit of the product. It is surprising, but it is one of the conditions that the ink in front of you with the right polymers.

Editors New York Magazine called ink, which can be called to tighten. Firstly, it's Lash Blast Mascara from Cover Girl. It thickens the base of each cilium, tightens them. Design brush - from make-up artist Pat McGrath. Brush prevents sticking and light formula does not burden the cilia, curl lasts a long time.

The second product, fell into the category really tighten up - Mascara High Impact Curling Mascara from Clinique. Mascara curl the lashes, the result holds. But, like all frizz products that are not so easy to remove it.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina