X The annual festival of health BezTabletok.Ru
 The festival will be held 6-16 December 2012 in the Russian State Library, m. "Biblioteca. Lenin "Vozdvizhenka street, 3/5, 3rd entrance, meeting room.


Natalia Pravdina. December 6 (Thursday) 18:30
Specialist in positive psychology, a master practitioner of Feng Shui, based on the knowledge of thousands of years of ancient Chinese science of success and prosperity, proves that we are all born winners for harmonious and abundant life! Author of the books "I am always lucky! "" My child - the future millionaire! "" I attract money "and others.

Mirzakarim Norbeck. December 7 (Friday) 18:30
Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Pedagogy, PhD in medicine, founder and president of the "Institute of human self-healing", a black belt in karate. Author unique uchebno¬ozdorovitelnoy system, returning to millions of people the joy of a healthy, fulfilling life. Author of the books "The experience of a fool, or the key to enlightenment", "Where winters gruel, or how to get Freestuff million decisions" and others.

Michael LITVAK. December 10 (Monday) 18:30
Chlenkorrespondent Natural Sciences, PhD, psihoteratevt European register. Dr. Litvak ¬ author of over 20 books on topical issues of psychotherapy, psychology, communication, management, including "If you want to be happy", "The principle of the sperm," "psychological vampirism" and dr.bestsellerov.

Anatoly Nekrasov. December 11 (Tuesday) 18:30
Creator Center "School of Wisdom" and the program "Happy Family". Helped tens of thousands of people get rid of the complicated health problems, solve the problems of relations between children and parents, loneliness, alcoholism and others. His books include "Live Thoughts", "Mother's Love", "Life without crises" and others.

George Sytin. December 12 (Wednesday) 18:30
Four PhD (educational, psychological, medical and philosophical), professor, academician of the International Academy of Sciences, more than 60 years dedicated to his therapeutic practice, has helped more than 80,000 people to get rid of the most difficult diseases. Has a large number of awards, is recognized by scientists in Europe, America and Russia. 70¬i author of more books, in Vol. h. "It is always a healthy heart," "Healing moods" and others.

Tamara fistula. December 13 (Thursday) 18:30
The inventor of several decades engaged in research in the field of oncology and cancer prevention, Protistology, parasitology and microbiology. She belongs to the discovery of a parasitic nature of cancer, cardiovascular disease and sverhparazitarnoy - AIDS. Author nauchno¬populyarnyh 25 books, including "Cancer can be beaten! "" Panacea for cancer, heart attacks, AIDS, "" Your beauty! "

Eduard Gulyaev. December 14 (Friday) 18:30
Dr. Energy Information Sciences, the founder of a new method in the diagnosis and treatment of "polar medicine," Honoured healer of Russia, the winner of the international award "Profession - Life", author of "Everything is in your hands" and "Heal yourself easy."

Copyright seminars:

Larissa RENAR. December 8th (Saturday) 12:00 - 19:00 Secrets of youth.
Ph.D., a biologist, an expert on the psychology of stress. Author of "Four verge of perfection," "Circle of female power. Energy elements and secrets of seduction "," Opening the new self "and" Elixir of Love ". Larisa Renard to share knowledge that will help pave the way to the source of his strength and intuition, to find harmony with oneself and the world.

Ivan Neumyvakina. Dec. 9 (Sunday) 12:00 - 19:00
University health professor Neumyvakina.
Name Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakina, more than 40 years dealing with issues of treatment and rehabilitation, known as profiles. doctors and those who represent alternative medicine. Dr. med. , Professor, Laureate of the State. Prize, author of more than 200 scientific papers, honored inventor. IP Neumyvakin tell you how to defeat many illnesses, which is not an obstacle or your age, or the "age" of your illness. Author of "Hydrogen Peroxide", "Endoecology health", "Skatertsamobranka ...", "Ways of getting rid of the disease: hypertension, diabetes ..." and others.

Boris swamp. December 15-16, 12:00 - 19:00. Medicine and health from the standpoint of truth.
An outstanding scientist, pushing the limits of knowledge about cold fusion, treatment of cancer, cell regeneration and slow the aging process. Author of "Human health in an unhealthy world", "Steps to longevity" and others.

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova