Tell your boss: photo kittens can improve performance
 A surprising study conducted by Japanese scientists. They found that a photo or a video of cute kittens on your desktop or in your computer not only distract from the work, but on the contrary, improve efficiency.

Tests carried out by researchers from the University of Hiroshima. They found that after people were looking at pictures of adorable puppy or kitten, it significantly improved the quality of their work (agility, reaction time, attention). Moreover, the photos of adult animals do not operate.

The explanation is quite simple. Pictures of kittens and puppies brings us great pleasure (confirmation - thousandths web browsing with images of baby animals), it comes from childhood. Looking at the kids, we like a little fall into childhood, we feel the warmth and care. This changes our subsequent behavior.

The study's authors suggest that the so-called "cute objects" not only improve fine motor skills, but also raises other useful for quality. They cause more cautious behavior is more attentive to the surrounding reality, which is very important in these, for example, skills like driving a car, or office work.

Really, after the news of your boss need to replace the wallpaper with a kitty in your computer?

According to the materials Time

Author: Julia Gnedina