British Vogue predicts quick pregnancy Kate Middleton and even the exact date of delivery calls
 According to the assumptions of journalists Vogue, Kate must give birth August 27, 2013, exactly 851 days after the royal wedding. Why are you so sure?

Vogue spent the whole investigation of births and marriages of British Royal House for the last 100 years, and studied Chronicle Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones), and The Book of Revelation (book of Revelation), and found the answer to all the question: when will Prince William will heir?

It should be noted that the theme of the pregnancy of Kate Middleton - fertile. Almost immediately, with the engagement of Kate and William rumors about the interesting position of the future duchess. However, while none of them confirmed. We will wait until next year to find out whether the prophecy comes true Vogue.

Author: Julia Gnedina