Chanel № 5 were not the favorite perfume Marilyn Monroe
 Biography of the most famous blonde continues to attract and intrigue. Nearly 50 years after her death. It looks like one more stereotype debunked.

"What do I wear in bed? Only Chanel № 5! "- These words of Marilyn lifted sales famous flavor at an incredible height. House of Chanel can still be thankful. In 1950 Monroe made an invaluable gift brand, told the press about their favorite spirits.

Now, however, it became known that Marilyn was another love perfume, however, a secret.

Preparing the exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn (August 1962), discloses certain files become an actress. British House Floris publishes papers showing that one of their clients under the name Marilyn Monroe Miller ordered in 1959, just six bottles of toilet water Floris Rose Geranium. Marilyn did not do it personally and through his private secretary, Dorothy Blass.

 Chanel № 5 were not the favorite perfume Marilyn Monroe

According to the documents, spirits were sent from the client the Floris shop in London Hotel in Beverly Hills (California), where she lived Monroe during the filming of one of his most popular movies, "Some Like It Hot."

Interestingly, Will after this discovery and the spirits of the House Floris reach the heights of fame attained any Chanel № 5?

Author: Julia Gnedina