New: Self-tanning wipes
 Nobody wants to spoil the skin and lie in the sun in the hope of a nice bronze tan. But for many it is the only way, since tanning is often no relationship added.

While most inclined to think that all the natural tan look more natural, lasts longer, the color - more beautiful. And the only alternative may be just a professional dyeing tanning in the salon, which is not cheap.

If you are from those who have difficulty with home tanning, then this news is for you. On the market there are wipes for self-tanning. They are easy to use, require no skill and professional abilities.

The effect is apparent within three hours. This is much faster than household sprays. The second advantage - no streaks and smudges. Color - choose on their own, there are several varieties, from dark to light. The creator of a novelty - a Spanish company Comodynes. In Europe, they became a bestseller. This summer and sold in the United States.

 New: Self-tanning wipes

Wipes impregnated with moisturizer and natural pigments. One swipe is enough for a person. You can use two towels for a deeper effect. It is necessary to avoid the skin around the eyes. To maintain the tan color you want to reuse towels every 3-4 days. Pack of 8 wipes costs about $ 15. If you are going abroad this summer - it looks novelty stores.

Author: Julia Gnedina