Playful aroma of sweet berries from CAMAY Mademoiselle
 A gentle way of true Mademoiselle CAMAY - it's shining eyes, laughter, and sincere smile, the charm of freshness and sunny mood. That she CAMAY presents its new collection of tools for body care Mademoiselle breakneck berry aroma

This collection is especially appeal to young girls, for whom the care is - it is a real pleasure and an exciting journey into the world of fantasy and juicy berry flavors. Step by step, new tools Camay Mademoiselle   help to underline the natural feminine beauty and attractiveness.

Step 1. Gentle cleansing
Morning showers - this is the beginning of a new day, cool water jets refresh and awaken from the dream. Together with shower gel Camay Mademoiselle   morning will begin with a delicious ritual that will give your skin the pleasure aroma. Lightweight foam gently cleanses the skin and gives a playful mood, revealing a delicate aroma of sweet berries.

 Playful aroma of sweet berries from CAMAY Mademoiselle

Step 2. Sense hydration
After a refreshing morning shower skin instantly absorbs fragrant body lotion with the lightest texture. Its moisturizing ingredients quickly penetrate the skin without leaving a trace, creating a sense of ease and comfort for the whole day. Lotion Camay Mademoiselle   It gives the skin a soft and attractive moisturizes for 24 hours. Result - silk, radiant skin all day, to which it's tempting to touch.

Step 3. Protection of appeal
Spray, roller or solid - antiperspirant deodorant protects women's attractiveness to 48 hours! Easy trail with sweet berries with notes of blooming orchid - so redolent true mademoiselle muse Camay. Due to the unique patented BCD *, protection is activated when it is needed, absorbing odors and leaving the body only a slight berry aroma Camay Mademoiselle Who gives every girl the confidence in his appeal.

Dream, love, head in the clouds of juicy berry flavor, along with a collection of tools for body care Camay Mademoiselle . Always young and beautiful, Mademoiselle CAMAY can afford to be frivolous and carefree, because thanks to this collection, she is confident in its irresistibility.

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* This technology is used in aerosol and solid deodorants, antiperspirants Camay

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila