The Body Shop made a presentation of the new concept of beauty
 May 15 in the center of modern design and innovation MOD Design the presentation of the new concept of the world-famous British beauty brand The Body Shop. The formal reason for this landmark event was the re-branding, which the company holds worldwide

However, the change of the visual image of the brand, the new design of products and stores reflect the significant internal changes, and The Body Shop. The updated brand philosophy, summarized as the Beauty with heart, or "The beauty of a heart," aims to give an answer to the many questions asked by fans TBS.

How to maintain the attractiveness of life? How to relieve tension? How to find harmony with oneself and excellent state of health? Finally, both through personal happiness make the world a better and brighter?

The new company's motto - Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good   - Can be considered as a guide to action .  It serves not only as an illustration of the ideology of The Body Shop, but also a useful reminder of what's really important in daily life .  In each of the thematic areas, dedicated to one of the three components of a new brand concept - Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good, the guests got acquainted with the presentation of the embodiment of the company's values ​​in real products .  Among the updated principles - natural, individual approach to customers and, of course, responsible production .  An example of following these rules has become the new Ambassador of the brand - a famous model and actress Lily Cole .  Honorable role to provide The Body Shop has been given the girl is not only for the spectacular beauty .  During his trip to the country, which produced cosmetics The Body Shop, Lily showed that for her personally means «Beauty with heart» .  Through film, made at the end of the tour, visitors learn how the brand is manifested a responsible approach to the production of their products, and itself as the face of Miss Cole brand has opened in a new way .

 The Body Shop made a presentation of the new concept of beauty

The interest in the evolution of The Body Shop and a new concept of natural beauty proves that the presentation was attended by about a hundred representatives of the media covering the news in the field of health and beauty, and a host of beautiful women - actresses and TV presenters: Maria Shukshin, Oksana Akinshina, Miroslava Karpovich, Xenia Chilingarov, Olga Shelest, Alice Grebenshchikov, Catherine Vulichenko Xenia Alferov, Rita Mitrofanov. They were the first in Russia have discovered a new vision of beauty and personally appreciated the novelty presented at the presentation.

 The Body Shop made a presentation of the new concept of beauty
 The Body Shop believes that beauty is the heart. Beauty means so much more than good looks. Beauty - a good mood, inner harmony and good deeds.

Marc is always looking for the wonderful natural ingredients in different parts of the world and carefully preserves its useful properties. Combining a long tradition of providers with the experience and professionalism of the team of the brand, The Body Shop with love creates an efficient and high-quality cosmetics.

The Body Shop was in favor of fair trade, to benefit not only consumers of cosmetics brand, but also the communities of the poorest countries and regions of the world.

Cosmetics The Body Shop is suitable for vegetarians, since it includes no animal ingredients. And Mark does not test cosmetics on animals.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila