The new fragrance Lady Gaga will smell like honey, not blood
 Despite the fact that Lady Gaga insists that her debut fragrance smell of blood and semen, as smell expensive prostitute, now known that the smell turned out quite acceptable for the flamboyant singer's fans, as well as the bottle.

Still, business is business, and sell too bold a thing very difficult. Apparently, so I decided to Lady Gaga and her project partners.

But perfumers appreciated the originality of the composition. Unlike traditional construction of smell (the top notes, the "heart", the base notes), the aroma of the Lady Gaga has a push-pull structure, which allows the odor notes to communicate with each other. Therefore it is difficult to allocate the central note or daisy chain, all the notes of "work" without any hierarchy. A manifest is present only on the skin.

Name smell «Fame», which can be translated as "glory." Lady Gaga herself said that the fragrance is designed for women, but like many of her gay friends.

The smell of the notes read many modern perfumes: honey, saffron, apricot, orchid, jasmine, belladonna. The bottle design is quite aggressive, especially metal parts, although the glass bulb is rounded and streamlined - in the form of eggs.

 The new fragrance Lady Gaga will smell like honey, not blood
Promotional poster of the new flavor, the photographer Steven Klein. Photos of Lady Gaga's Twitter, which posted the singer, telling her fans about the new product.

Author: Julia Gnedina