Brad Pitt was the advertising face of the most famous women's fragrance from Chanel
 Site Chanel officially presented the new face of the fragrance CHANEL № 5. They really became a famous actor, actress Angelina Jolie's husband, the father of six children, pet many women - Brad Pitt.

In the history of fragrance is the first time, it has never represented the man. Smell CHANEL № 5 is best known by the brand, it was created by the very Coco Chanel, founder of the brand of clothing and cosmetics.

It is well known that perfume CHANEL № 5 - the most sold during the Christmas holidays. This is evidenced by statistics of sales perfume boutiques and corner.

We can only look forward to what the new ads with Brad Pitt, whether he will raise to new heights in popularity flavor.

Author: Julia Gnedina