Christian Louboutin Unveils own cosmetics line
 Christian Louboutin, stars, sexy and red carpet - the concept is almost not separated from each other. So why not take advantage? - I Think about it, Christian Louboutin, and decided to expand its sphere of influence.

He was not only that the red soles of his shoes instantly recognizable around the world. He wants to, probably, to the scarlet lips and we were associated with his name.

Talent and success of Christian does not hold, so we have no doubt that the new line of decorative cosmetics Christian Louboutin Beauté will be the most noticeable premiere shortly.

The new line will be released to the buyer until early next 2013, the source said WWD.

This is not the first launch cosmetics line after the success of the clothing line. The most high-profile launch recently become make-up of Burberry, TopShop, Calvin Klein. All - extremely successful and has brought considerable income to the creators.

Author: Julia Gnedina