Ecobeauty from Oriflame: for your beauty - caring for the planet!
 It is no secret that today the mankind is particularly acute issue of ecology and social responsibility. Who, if not we will be able to take care of the future of the planet? Now his part in the fate of the world can show, not just turning off lights and saving water, but even choosing cosmetic products. Oriflame is Ecobeauty - a new approach to the daily ritual of beauty for those who care about our planet

The innovative series Ecobeauty   It consists of natural ingredients, providing great results. Choosing Ecobeauty You prefer natural beauty with care about the world.

Series Ecobeauty   created by scientists Oriflame in accordance with strict principles of environmental and social responsibility in cooperation with the 4 international organizations :

FAIRTRADE (Fair Trade)

Oriflame started cooperation with the organization Fairtrade And cosmetic products Ecobeauty   We received a certificate confirming the origin of natural ingredients and a fair distribution of profits, without prejudice to the interests of their respective farmers from developing countries.

The composition of the products Ecobeauty   Organic coconut oil comes from Kerala in India and Shea butter produced in Burkina Faso. In these parts private providers and their families are completely dependent on agriculture. Thanks Fairtrade   they have the ability to trade in optimal conditions, earn more and improve their lives. All production is carried out by hand using traditional techniques with respect for the environment, thus extracts and oils are obtained as natural as possible, for the best skin care.


In an effort to produce the most natural products, Oriflame was certified leading independent international organization ECOCERT Greenlife Which controls the production of natural and organic products. The presence of the mark Ecocert   on packages Ecobeauty   It refers to the content of at least 95% natural and not less than 5% of organic ingredients. It also ensures that no parabens, silicones, oil components and synthetic flavorings and colorings. In more detail with approved standards Ecocert   can be found at

VEGAN (Vegan Community)

MARKING Vegan community   marked product which does not contain ingredients of animal origin, such as egg or dairy products, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In addition, the certificate Vegan community   confirms that the series Ecobeauty   not tested on animals, it has always been one of the fundamental principles of the company Oriflame, participating in a program of animal protection.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Certificate of an international organization Forest Stewardship Council   confirms the use of raw materials grown and processed in accordance with the principles of sustainable use of the world's forest resources. Forest conservation is crucial to the entire ecosystem, because it is the trees are a source of fresh air and clean water, as well as contribute to the prevention of global warming. Creating Ecobeauty , Oriflame decided to use for the manufacture of packaging paper and paperboard produced in accordance with high environmental and ethical standards Forest Stewardship Council .

Series Ecobeauty   gives beauty to your skin from nature and in the name of nature. Underlying Ecobeauty   is an innovative technology Natural Pro-Blend ™, which contains the maximum amount of natural and organic extracts, including shea butter, coconut oil, sea buckthorn seed oil and extract of cranberries. The perfect balance of natural ingredients that have a protective antioxidant potential and provides recovery, nutrition and protection of the skin.

 Ecobeauty from Oriflame: for your beauty - caring for the planet!

In a series of Ecobeauty   presented:

Smoothing day cream with nourishing oils Ecobeauty

Innovative moisturizer smooths the skin and gives it a healthy and fresh look. The patented formula Natural Pro-Blend ™ contains natural ingredients that have received the certificate Fairtrade (Fair Trade) . 50 ml

Price: 500 rubles.

Soothing night cream with nourishing oils Ecobeauty

Night cream with antioxidants intensively nourishes, protects and rejuvenates the skin while you sleep. The innovative formula Natural Pro-Blend ™ contains ingredients that have received the certificate Fairtrade (Fair Trade) : Coconut oil and shea butter. In modern airtight packaging. Tested under dermatological control. 50 ml

Price: 500 rubles.

Smoothing Eye Cream with nourishing oils Ecobeauty

Cream with a light texture smoothes wrinkles and reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Great effect provides innovative formula Natural Pro-Blend ™ with natural ingredients to get a certificate Fairtrade (Fair Trade) : Coconut oil and shea butter. Tested under dermatological control. 15 ml

Price: 370 rubles.

Proven effectiveness of integrated care Ecobeauty *:
- Improves the complexion - 82%
- Smoothes wrinkles caused by dehydrated - 87%
- Enlarged pores become less noticeable - 77%

Have you ever thought about how nice, taking care of their beauty, help the world get better? How important it is to be a simple choice of face cream? And what will you choose? Learn more about how to be beautiful and to give beauty to the world

Series Ecobeauty on sale from March 12, 2012.

* Based on consumer test involving 88 women using the day and night cream Ecobeauty for 4 weeks.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila