How to earn stars on photos of their kids
 Celebrities can do all of the public relations and what can we say about such a serious information occasion as the birth of a child! For the right to the first photo shoot kids star argue the most influential publications.

Jessica Simpson is said to sell too cheap. She sold the first photos of his newborn daughter for just 800,000 dollars magazine People. This is a very small amount by today's standards.

Judge for yourself. Jennifer Lopez has earned $ 6 million for exclusive photos of their twins (the amount paid as a Star magazine People). Nicole Richie has received 1 million, and Christina Aguilera - 1, 5 million, it is for many of these girls got a picture of his kids, according to Forbes.

However, for Jessica Simpson's experience is not necessary. She still earn on her pregnancy. Rather, on losing weight after pregnancy. Jessica participates in the magazine Us Weekly, which will describe in detail their post-Babe weight loss for $ 4 million.

By the way, we are not far from the Hollywood stars' fees. Some also earn their newborn. There is evidence that Philip has concluded several contracts with the Russian editions are exclusively covered the birth of the daughter of the singer. The amount of the contracts were not disclosed, but various sources put the figure in excess of several million rubles.

Author: Julia Gnedina