In America, a new scandal with children who are too early to start using beauty
 Just subsided passion about mother, who pricked 7-year-old daughter Botox, arguing that because it protects it from aging. Recently, another crazy mom placed an online video lesson on how to apply makeup ... 4-year-old girl, showing it to his little daughter. And now a new quirk.

Blogosphere "boils" angry American left thousands of comments in the beauty-blog, where we discuss the news. The last case is particularly shocking.

In late April, the scandal broke. 5-year-old girl from Jersey went to preschool with burns. It's her mother wanted to attach a child to care for themselves and led to a solarium. Aggravate the situation that my mother was a real zagarogolikom, she can not stop to use the solarium, and she was almost charred from their addiction.

Against the salon where the girl admitted, started this persecution in the network. Everyone says that the blame for not only the girl's mother, and the host institution, to provide the service solarium 5-year-old girl. Meanwhile, in the United States has a law prohibiting the use of a solarium for children under 14 years.

The conclusion is, of course, is clear: Never hold a child under the rays of the solarium! Never!

In the photo: the very "smoked" mommy

Author: Julia Gnedina