Individual approach to cleaning teeth
 Oral-B is an innovative toothbrush Oral-B Pro-Flex, which adapts to the individual characteristics of your oral health!

By their nature, each person is unique. We are different character, habits, beliefs, health. Each has unique fingerprints and unique structure of the oral cavity. That's why in the 21st century, when medicine has reached considerable heights, so popular was the personalized approach to human health in general and personal hygiene in particular.

Today, following the modern trends and using the latest technology, scientists Oral-B of the Kronberg (Germany) - Research Center manual toothbrushes, together with dentists have created the first and only toothbrush Oral-B Pro-Flex Providing plaque removal to 93% even in the most inaccessible places, as well as providing excellent cleaning along the gum line.

The unique principle of operation of this brush is that the head Pro-Flex   It has independent flexible sides, which adapt to the features of your gum line and the surfaces of the teeth for the Super Scrub. Due to its flexibility, the brush Oral-B Pro-Flex   It provides gentle plaque removal, significantly reducing the likelihood of bleeding.

The innovative structure of the brush head involves the simultaneous location of her five types of bristle: at the tip enhanced multibeam ,, located bristles of the same length; floppy movable bristle sides present two different types; and two types of bristles in the center.

Sometimes, after you brush your teeth ordinary brush, I want to immediately clean them again. This is because the teeth and gums are hard to reach places where the accumulated plaque. Get rid of this problem, it is now possible using a normal daily hygiene - brushing. New Toothbrush Oral-B Pro-Flex   not only helps to maintain the good condition of the teeth and gums between visits to the doctor, but also solve the existing problems with the coating.

Clinical studies of manual toothbrush Oral-B Pro-Flex   showed the following results:
- Independent side of the brush head adapted to the individual structure of the teeth and gum line contour.
- Thanks to the flexibility, hand gently affect the gums.
- 35% better cleans plaque along the gum line than a regular brush (ADA standard brush).
- Removal of up to 93.5% of plaque in hard to reach areas, as compared with the beginning of the experiment.
- Brush Oral-B Pro-Flex   35% more effective in the fight against gingivitis than a regular toothbrush.

Brush tool Oral-B Pro-Flex   created for those who follow their health and understands the importance of prevention of oral cavity. Its advanced form has proven clinical efficacy and safety during long-term tests, as independently moving party specially adapted to the individual "adjustment" to the surface of the oral cavity and better cleaning along the gum line.

Now healthy white teeth without the slightest shadow of flying - it's that simple!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila