Katie Holmes was planning a divorce long before the 50th anniversary of Tom Cruise
 What Katie Holmes ex-Mrs Cruz - now the most discussed news. But it seems that only journalists news came as a surprise divorce. The actress long before the announcement of the collapse of her family made it hints.

Katie Holmes - the girl on the cover of the August issue of the American magazine Elle. And this is an interesting detail. After all, we know that random girls on the cover do not put. If this is the actress - the choice falls on those who have some kind of episode in this month: the prime minister, birth, wedding ... This is taken care of public relations managers celebrities that their clients were on the cover at the right time. Publications are also interested in further interest in publications, and celebrity occasions with information on the covers of glossy significantly increase sales. Therefore, the question arises: why Katie appeared on the cover is in August (and in the number of sales from July 17), when the attention to her persona is enormous. This is suggestive of premeditated story with divorce and the desire to involve him as much attention.

The answer - in an interview with Cathy, she gave Elle. The actress says about some new stage in her life. She says that her 30 years, and until that time everyone called her Mrs. Cruz, and she wants to focus on themselves and their class. If we consider that the gloss forthcoming usually more than a month, it turns out that the plans for divorce from Katy was long before the 50th anniversary of her husband, whom she had made such a gift for an anniversary - a letter to the court for a divorce.

Which is his affairs said Cathy? Kathy has been designing clothes. And in September of this year plans to introduce its own line of clothes at the New York Fashion Week. The collection will be set up with a partner Jeanne Yang, and will be called the Holmes & Yang.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina