Memory Vidal Sassoon
 His name haircuts and shampoos, conditioners and beauty salons. Vidal Sassoon died at the age of 84, yesterday at his home on Mulholland Drive (LA).

One of his most famous phrases, "If you do not look, and we will not look" inspired a lot of women around the world.

He changed millions of hair, revealing a smooth, silky hair effortlessly. In the 80s and 90s of the last century, shampoos and conditioners by Vidal Sassoon was the most sold in the world of hair. Products from the Vidal Sassoon allowed the fashion world to make a revolutionary step forward to replace the elaborate hairstyles with a wave came a whole generation of styles with a perfectly straight hair from the horse's tail to the daring short haircuts.

Vidal Sassoon in 2009 was ill with leukemia, fought all the time with the disease. Even after such a terrible diagnosis continued to work: giving interviews, assisted in the creation of books and documentaries.

Author: Julia Gnedina