Men are also attracted to the technology push-up
 Men's underwear more like a push-up bra. Another female thing, that men win back yourself.

Nail polish, anti-age serum, false eyelashes ... The list is typed very voluminous, if it to continue. All these things are now not only women but also men. Available in production quantities known brands.

And now added to the list is such a thing as a technology push-up in lingerie. We use it only in a bra, and men - in shorts.

Generally, the trend is that men's underwear is more expensive, it's not the melting that men could crumple and throw into the washing machine.

 Men are also attracted to the technology push-up

What is so new models of men's underwear, for which they are willing to pay more? The answer gives the brand Frigo with his model № 1. This design is more serious than women's bras! Special fabrics, venting body and absorbent for manhood - the inner bag in individual straps, which are regulated depending on the desired size. Outside, everything is very similar to a cup bra female. All the technology is called FRIGO Zone ™.

Author: Julia Gnedina