New deodorants Rexona Comfort Flax: freshness and protection on top!
 Rexona expands product line with innovative technology MotionSense ™ and represents a novelty - a series of anti-perspirant Linen Dry (Comfort Flax)


Linen Dry (Comfort Flax) distinguished by a special light musky aroma and delicate feminine packaging design. They provide traditional food for Rexona effective protection against perspiration and odor at a high level for 48 hours, and thanks to technology MotionSense ™ allow you to save a feeling of freshness and comfort for even the long and busy day. The series is presented in the most popular and convenient applicator format: spray, roller and stick.

* The unique technology MotionSense ™

Products Rexona technology MotionSense ™ retain fragrance longer than antiperspirants by using traditional techniques. This was made possible thanks to the introduction in the formulation of special microcapsules that enclose the perfume composition. Sheath water-insoluble and is destroyed on the skin only during friction in the axilla. As a result of the release of flavor occurs gradually and regularly, in small doses, which allows to constantly feel a pleasant aroma of perfume top notes of light and enjoy the feeling of freshness and comfort as long as possible.

The line of deodorants Rexona technology MotionSense ™

In addition to new products Linen Dry (Comfort Flax) MotionSense ™ technology include other antiperspirant Rexona: Classic Cotton (Cotton freshness) with a delicate, almost imperceptible aroma and Biorythm (Biorhythm), who works in the rhythm of the body and includes a skin softening complex Dermasil.

The new generation of deodorants Rexona technology MotionSense ™: the more you move, the better your protection!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila