New Sanitelle®: guard the health and beauty of your eyes
 Brand Sanitelle® a new product - spray hand sanitizer specifically designed for users of contact lenses. May 2012, the new product can be purchased in specialized stores optics. The estimated cost of funds - 70 rubles

The users of contact lenses now just can not do without a new spray Sanitelle® Which helps to completely disinfect your hands before and after use of contact lenses.

The company "Bentus laboratory", a manufacturer of skin antiseptics TM Sanitelle® Once again draws attention to the importance of regular hand sanitation for the health and protection from infectious diseases.

It is known that 80% of infections are transmitted through the arms. It is very important when using contact lenses to hands disinfected. Mucous membranes - direct path of infection in the human body under conditions of poor hand hygiene. In normal hand washing with soap and water and use sterile wipes or towels, a huge number of germs gets on the mucous membrane of the eye. Hand disinfection means Sanitelle®   99, 99% solves this problem by killing the majority of known viruses, fungi and bacteria.

The main component of the spray - ethyl alcohol, which is a natural antiseptic, has a high rate of destruction of microorganisms and can quickly evaporate. In addition to his part of the spray contains vitamin E. The antioxidant in nature, it slows down the aging process of the skin and Aloe vera, also contained in the composition of funds, moisturizes, nourishes and tones the skin.

New cprey Sanitelle®   extremely compact, weighing only 10 grams and takes almost no space in your bag. Its use is very simple, the process takes a matter of seconds - spray a small amount on your palm and rub hands thoroughly until dry liquid. Now they are completely disinfected and ready to change the procedure of contact lenses.

Release of the new funds is dictated by the company's desire to simplify daily routines for hundreds of thousands of people and convey important information about what hands are clean - the key to eye health.

About company:

The company "Bentus Laboratory" (TM Sanitelle®) is a pioneer and leader in the production of consumer and professional sanitayzerov in Russia since 2004. The company's products for its unique properties and is represented in Russia in supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations.

The main activity of "Bentus laboratory" is the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative personal hygienic protection of the 5th generation. In addition, the company produces a wide range of products for professional use, including gels for hygienic and surgical treatment of the hands of medical personnel, means for processing the surgical field and many others. The official exclusive distributor of medical Sanitelle® line in Russia is of "Johnson & Johnson".

Yearly production of "Bentus laboratory" confirms the well-known quality of certificates and test reports, which are available on the official website. In 2010, "Bentus lab" received a gold award at the All-Russian contest "Brand of the Year. EFFIE 2010 ". In 2011, the company's brand Sanitelle® "Bentus Laboratory" took the first position of the European Performance Index EFFIE and the third position in the global efficiency index EFFIE Worldwide in the category Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare.

Production is located in Moscow and is equipped with modern equipment, the company received an international quality certificate ISO 13485: 2003. The company's products (Sanitelle®) complies with European standard EN 1040: 2005 and EN 1275: 2005.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila