Seventh prize "Brand of the Year / EFFIE» brought VITEK brand gold!
 VITEK brand for the seventh time won the prestigious award "Brand of the Year / EFFIE» within the framework of a unique project «WINX by VITEK» won the gold!

April 12, 2012 on one of the most prestigious areas of the capital - Gostiny Dvor - a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the national contest "Brand of the Year / EFFIE 2011" in which the VITEK brand received the gold award for the project «WINX by VITEK» in the nomination "The new name . White goods".

In 2009, an important event in the life of the brand VITEK - repositioning, in which we spent a significant change in the product in the packaging, distribution channels, in communications and in the relationship with our customer. The brand develops, grows, promoting and actualizing a key value carried by VITEK - health.

In the coming years, our country will face the consequences of a catastrophic decline in fertility in the late 1980s - early 1990s. In terms of home appliance market will be a significant reduction of its capacity amid increasing competition. Finding niche markets we focus on the baby boom of the 2000s, formed the current market of consumers aged 2-12 years.

 Seventh prize "Brand of the Year / EFFIE» brought VITEK brand gold!

Based on these projections and realizing high global popularity and relevance of the topic WINX (Italian animated series production Rainbow SPA, created by director Iginio Straffi, which tells about the adventures of female fairies) in Russia, "healthy" positioning VITEK brand has provided a logical entry of the goods for children, focusing on the segment of girls 6-11 years old, in which the level of awareness is much higher WINX all known. And today VITEK offers healthy solutions in technology, not only for adults but also for children, educating a new brand loyal audience. Thus, it can be argued that the VITEK created from scratch an entirely new market in Russia - the market of household appliances for children.

The creation technique that VITEK offered to young admirers WINX, laid down a clear emotion, fully consistent with the concept of the animated series: bright, stylish items c «magic" functions create a fairytale atmosphere, allowing every girl feel like a real fairy. "Magic" items are represented by four most popular animated series fairies - Bloom, Stella, Musa and Flora, "explaining" in the communications program of the project, what exactly the properties of engineering. Each of the subjects - an exciting mix of bright colors and original design. At the same time VITEK once again underlines the importance of the brand platform embedded in a healthy lifestyle: Equipment for children created by the latest technology and the finest materials.

Tool of communication with an audience of end users (girls 6-11 years old), we have chosen two of the most ohvatnyh audience for this publication: Winx Club fans and Winh Club, contextual advertising with the key message "Gift for girls 6-11 years" and the site of the project www.vitek As an incentive to purchase and layout used branded coasters, mechanical equipment, floor displays, island design. Motivational tool perform packaging, leaflets - inserts, leaflets describing the complete collection and vividly illustrated the "magic" product catalog.

Thanks to the work done, close-knit team, a bright marketing and communication promote the project «WINX by VITEK» deservedly won the gold, which proves once again the courage, innovation and the ability of the VITEK brand rapidly to keep pace with current global trends.

Brand of the Year / EFFIE:
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Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila