The contest "Mosaic useful ideas" with Philips
 For a long time going to find a couple of good brownie recipe, read a biography of the author of "Sex and the City," to look for information about the city or country where you are going on vacation? The contest "Mosaic useful ideas" with Philips - your chance to gather useful information and to win great prizes from our sponsors! Write an article on any topic of interest to you for the Women's Encyclopedia and take part in a new competition for

Three winners will receive great prizes from our regular sponsor - brand Philips - the world-famous manufacturer of professional hair styling devices and other consumer electronics and beauty products.

The participant, won first place will receive a new product - hair dryers Philips SalonDry AC Pro HP8195   technology Best Care Technology®, which takes care of the beauty and health of the hair and protect them from damage.

 The contest "Mosaic useful ideas" with Philips

Technology Best Care Technology® allows you to quickly and gently dry your hair, so you should not worry about overheating and damage. In addition, the new professional hair dryer is equipped with a powerful electric motor AC and ceramic elements that allow you to adjust the air temperature. Thanks to ColdShot quench hair after drying is immediately ready for installation. Thanks to special technologies that will help provide gentle care to hair, the new hair SalonDry AC Pro HP8195 will be indispensable at home and in traveling.

Participants, who took 2nd and 3rd places will receive a new product - rectifier ActiveCare HP8362 By which your hair will be perfectly smooth and shiny, and it will always have a healthy well-groomed appearance.

 The contest "Mosaic useful ideas" with Philips

Features new items are not only trendy design and superior technical characteristics. Technology TempPrecision, used for the first time, supports the selected temperature constant heating plates, eliminating fluctuations in temperature, which allows to straighten the hair as much as possible carefully. First strand is straightened uniformly over the entire length, and thus can avoid laying the same strand multiple times. Smoothing is faster and professional result can now be achieved at a lower temperature of 199 °.

With the rules of the contest can be found here ...

Author: Marina Tumovskaya