Vogue editor around the world are beginning to struggle with too young and too thin models
 Editors-19 editions of Vogue around the world have entered into a special agreement and call on the rest of the gloss join.

They have long exploited the image of women themselves with children's clothing sizes, but now have decided to deal with it. The question is, who is prevented to do it earlier, on his own initiative and following high ethical principles? No, but now it is doing is not only possible but necessary.

Apparently, gloss decided to come to their senses and see a little further podiums and their own photo shoots. Took to the streets, and there .... Oh my God! Ordinary women. Unlikely to gloss came criticism from just the sale of publications, planters certain type of beauty is indeed falling and will fall further if nothing changes.

The decision came. Anna Wintour (editor in chief of American Vogue) and Frank Sozanov (Italian Vogue) have joined forces to counter and unhealthy anorexic models, and written new rules that they will work with the models. The agreement signed by all 19 editors of magazines Vogue.

Among the items of the contract:

- We will not cooperate with models that do not have 16-as well as those who have eating disorders. We will work with models that have a healthy view of themselves are healthy and contribute to the development of a healthy lifestyle.

- We will check all personal data models and demand them from casting directors.

- We will help promote mentoring programs in which adult models will make recommendations to the young model for a healthy lifestyle.

- We will encourage producers to create healthy working conditions for models, including a healthy diet and respect for privacy.

- We recommend the clothing manufacturers to develop a range of normal size corresponding to a wide range of women. We do not recommend use in advertising too thin models.

- We will be following a healthy body image.

It sounds impressive! But do not think that will change everything so quickly. Not yet had their say, those who pay for the existence of magazines, namely advertisers and designers. For example, Marc Jacobs criticized the nines agreement editors Vogue.

But while women from Vogue determined. Their pact takes effect from June 2012.

Photo: Cover Vogue (US) with Scarlett Johansson, May 2012

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina