Vogue late?
 Publisher Condé Nast (publisher of magazines worldwide, including Vogue) announced that the company plans to release more Vogue in the two countries.

One country - Thailand. Thai Vogue will be released in early 2013. Thailand has already published a number of glossy magazines about fashion with a worldwide reputation. For example, Elle. But for some reason the guide Condé Nast hopes that there need Vogue. Maybe. The Asian market in many segments perceive as growing.

But the choice of a second country obviously can be challenged. It is the Netherlands. Dutch Vogue has to get out, too, in the beginning of 2013th year. When this news was announced, many Dutch skeptical copied it in their blogs, seasonings comments: "Too late! ". Indeed, being in the center of Europe, the Dutch Vogue and read in French and in English, they buy mostly British or French edition of the magazine.

But where Vogue is not exactly decided to look - it is the African continent. Critics believe that the leadership is afraid of Vogue to see on the covers and in the editorials are too many black models, it will deprive the raid mode of election and exclusivity. Although there are opinions and about what the black population of the continent is not exactly ready for publication on luxury and high fashion.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina