Scented nail polish from Revlon
 It looks like nail polish with acetone smell will soon remain only in our memory, and we'll talk about this unpleasant things to their daughters, and they will wonder: "Are you in pain because doing a manicure? ".

The year has just begun, but is not the first brand is taken for realization of the idea of ​​scented nail polish. Remember, Dior proposed for the coming spring the duo paints with a luxurious aroma of roses in shades of Forget-Me-Not and Waterlily.

Now, the same good news from Revlon. The American brand presents the new collection of lacquer with flavors. At this time - for each hue their flavor. The smell is also when the enamel is completely dry.

So, in the collection: colors and flavors of the grapes, grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, watermelon. These are the spring and summer, "desserts".

 Scented nail polish from Revlon

Author: Julia Gnedina