Shake! Me! Amazed!
 Hair coloring - a boring necessity? A self-coloring at home - still a difficult and lengthy process? Forget it! With a revolutionary hair color Palette Paint-mousse you will change easily and with pleasure

Home staining become a real pleasure and unusual entertainment - so easy and fun to use this paint. Now the painting - a bright holiday that will give you a new unique image, bold and eye-catching!

A distinctive feature of the new paint - its ultimate functionality with it you will become a true professional colorist. But first, to obtain a coloring composition, you have to be ... a bartender! All the components of which poluchaetsyaokrashivayuschaya mixture mixed in a shaker present - in the form of a container formed Palette Paint-mousse . A rich range of colors and flavor of fresh berries that you enjoy during the application, add holiday in routine process.

Choose Palette Paint-mousse   - Because it is really cool! Light mousse, which is obtained in a glass-shaker, applied without problems, is distributed evenly and does not leak!

Thus, a new form of time solves three major problems of domestic coloring - the complexity of applying the paint, the need for a long time to distribute it through his hair and traces of paint that remain on clothes and skin.

New Formula Palette Paint-mousse - it is surprising ease:
Cooking   - Mix all ingredients in a glass-paint shaker for one minute, and the composition is ready for use;
application   - Get the mousse can be applied to the hair without the use of brushes and hand, like shampoo;
choice   - Any of the 14 colors of paint is highly resistant and ensures up to 50% more shine after coloring.

Authors trends know that once you try, you choose Palette Paint-mousse again. The more so because it has so many rich shades!

Special caregiver air conditioning, part of the mousse, provides unsurpassed facial hair during coloring, and strawberry extract gives the hair extra shine. As a result, the hair look natural, and special shine attracts attention to your inimitable bright image.

The new formula mousse offered Palette, impresses even experienced professionals. Known for world-class stylist and creative partner of Schwarzkopf, Armin Morbach noted that "mousse created for those who appreciate time and result." Developers of a new product able to achieve a good balance between ease of use and the resulting effect - as if on a new shade of your hair bother professional!

The new product from Schwarzkopf - Palette Paint-mousse - will be available in January 2012.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila