Massage, which make 20 hands
 For most of us give ourselves into the hands of a professional masseur - sometimes a luxury. How about a massage, which make 10 pairs of hands?

This massage is offered at the spa at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui for its wealthy clients. It should be fun - 2 000 dollars per session.

Therapists who have developed this type of massage, believe that he has an unprecedented relaxing effect. Whenever traditional massage the brain focuses on how the masseur's hands. But if the massing is just 20 hands, the brain completely relaxes, ceasing to concentrate on handling masseurs.

During the massage, 10 specialists, and simultaneously massaged her head, body and limbs.

The problem is that the service still has not been claimed. But the owners of the spa do not lose heart, they have a lot of rich clients and sooner or later massage the 20th hand will become a bestseller in the resort.

Author: Julia Gnedina