Serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikrockulptor face" - the incredible efficiency, proven by scientific tests
 Can the means to care for skin to be incredibly effective at a truly affordable price? Women using innovative means OLAY Regenerist Daily, know exactly what they can!

Now, to maintain its beauty and youth without plastic surgery services has become easy and accessible via OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor face." The legendary Cream OLAY Regenerist «Mikrockulptor face" for its moisturizing properties in no way inferior creams luxury brands and the new serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person" at least as effective in giving the skin elasticity than the most expensive whey in Russia. Many admirers of luxury brands price range of care products for face surprised to note that the effect of OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person" is not worse, and sometimes even better than on the super-expensive funds, which they used to enjoy.

OLAY Regenerist line   It was created specifically to achieve radical results without drastic measures for a more youthful looking skin. Its formula contains an exclusive complex with the peptide amino-vitamin B3, and such anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, provitamin B5, green tea extract, and glycerol allontoin.

Serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor face" - the most concentrated serum OLAY.   It perfectly moisturizes the skin and gives it firmness - the skin looks noticeably tighter. The serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person" contains a huge number of active substances from smaller than in the cream molecules that penetrate faster and deeper into the upper layers of the skin. The texture of this lightweight and silky serum that easily distributed over vast areas of the skin most prone to loss of elasticity, such as the face, neck and decollete. Serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor face" practically is not felt on the skin, it leaves no shine and is suitable for all skin types, even oily.

She has such a magical effect through the highest concentration of the patented complex of amino-peptides with penta-peptides and vitamin B3. Within 5 days of using the skin of the face, neck and chest visibly smoother, and after 2 weeks reduced wrinkles.

Efficiency serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person" has been proven an independent research laboratory in the United Kingdom, in tests which involved 30 women aged 35 to 65 years. All they have noticed that after 14 days of use serum twice daily skin becomes smoother and wrinkles less prominent. Some of these women used the serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person", and the other part - the most expensive whey in Russia. According to the results of the test revealed that the serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person" in anything she does not concede - leather "Mikroskulptor face" was as moist and looked as supple and taut.

 Serum OLAY Regenerist «Mikrockulptor face" - the incredible efficiency, proven by scientific tests

Only a systematic, multi-stage approach to the care of skin and neck helps to achieve the most effective result. When used together the cream and whey OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person" moisturize the skin in 1, 7 times better than separately! In addition, applying a cream Whey will help to achieve an additional anti-aging effect - the nutrients are absorbed into the outer layers of the skin more deeply and quickly. Cream should be applied over the serum, whereas the skin creates a protective layer that retains moisture and protects the skin from external influences within 24 hours.

The regular use of creams and serums OLAY Regenerist «Mikroskulptor person" give the skin an instant unsurpassed moisturizing, but after 5 days you will feel the result that exceeds even the wildest dreams! Cream and Serum ensure anti-aging effects, proven by independent scientific tests, so that even the most demanding women customers will be pleasantly surprised by the results of luxury: smooth and youthful looking skin!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila