Unlock the secrets of beauty hair with courted by Oil Elixir Gliss Kur
 Since ancient times, known for the legend of the mysterious oriental beauty which captivate at first sight. Many parables talk about the magic of their bottomless eyes, tenderness of the skin, and most importantly, about the fairy-tale splendor of strong, luxurious hair, whose thrilling beauty is able to drive mad.

The mystery of the East, which was passed by word of mouth Oriental beauty, revealed!

Gliss Kur   - The leader in hair restoration - embodies the appeal of the recipe in the means for feeding and intensive care for dry and damaged hair Courted Oil Elixir .

Gliss Kur   managed to combine the ancient beauty secrets with the latest innovations in the field of hair care. Valuable natural oils, which are part of Gliss Kur Oil Elixir Caring Nourish and smooth the hair, making them soft and silky shine. Elixir contains valuable oils, one of which is a unique ingredient - argan oil. It has a light texture and is quickly absorbed. Hair acquire a deep shine and a healthy shine, become supple and obedient. And thanks to scientific research means penetrates deeply into the structure of the hair without weighing it down and leaving no greasy residue.

Gliss Kur   It offers a unique product with which allows different depending on the application:
- If you apply the elixir to wash your hair, they will receive special care and nutrition. Valuable oil literally revive damaged hair back to life.
- Elixir done after washing on a lightly towel-dried hair, give your hair a special strength and elasticity.
- Elixir give extra shine applied on dry hair.

Gliss Kur   - An expert in hair restoration - taking care of health and beauty of hair and offers effective remedies available to every woman.

Well-groomed, seductive and strong hair, evoking memories of sultry east sun and flawless beauty - the result of applying Gliss Kur Oil Elixir courted .

The novelty of the Gliss Kur already on sale.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila