Autumn premiere of Rimmel and Georgia May Jagger
 Georgia May Jagger is the face of two bold innovations of the British brand Rimmel - a "scandalous" mascara and lip gloss with the effect of the maximum volume.

As you know, Kate Moss recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of cooperation with Rimmel, releasing lipstick collection under his own name in the autumn brand products. Second star Rimmel - 19-year-old Georgia May Jagger, model and daughter of famous rocker Mick Jagger - also is not going to leave the brand, her face growing demand by the British brand, she trusted the most high-profile launch.

This season, Georgia will present two interesting trends.

First - lip gloss Vinyl Max   (Vinyl Max). Georgia says that loves this shine not only the texture and shades, but also for its wide and comfortable applicator. Among the favorite colors - orange or bright red. In general, the model says she does not like a lot of make-up, it is sufficient minimum amount of tonal framework and gloss or lipstick. Still would! What makeup at age 19!

 Autumn premiere of Rimmel and Georgia May Jagger

However presentations Georgia can often be seen with smoky eye make-up. To do this, it uses a trio of shadows from Rimmel (also launch this fall), I like a lighter version of the "smoky eye". And, of course, it needs a good mascara. Here we come to novnke about which we can not mention.

The new mascara from Rimmel named Scandaleyes mascara And it appears on the shelves in November (November 7). Plump orange box, large brush, lengthening texture - this need mascara modern girls. The very name of the carcasses suggests that the effect expected from the new product stunning.

 Autumn premiere of Rimmel and Georgia May Jagger

Author: Julia Gnedina