Madonna and her daughter Lourdes will be engaged in cosmetics
 «Material Girl» - youth clothing brand, which for several seasons releases Madonna and her daughter Lourdes. The brand has become so successful that it is now mother and daughter seriously thinking on the production of its own line of cosmetics.

Big changes were outlined at the brand «Material Girls» Kelly Osbourne with the arrival as a promotional entity. After it has been removed from this place, and Taylor Momsen was appointed the famous daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, sales have increased dramatically. Parish Kelly made the brand a truly popular with teenage girls.

 Madonna and her daughter Lourdes will be engaged in cosmetics

Following this success, the founder of the brand Madonna and her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes bravely decided to expand. From now on, under the label «Material Girl» will be released collection of clothes, underwear, outerwear, as well as a line of cosmetics.

Lourdes told the publication WWD, she really liked the work on cosmetics. "It was very exciting - creating new flavors for the food for the body and lip gloss! ". Names for the new fragrant funds for the body - more than creative: Wicked Watermelon, Flirty Fruit, Midnight Magnolia Sinful sugar. Perhaps young people and enjoy these titles unthinkable. Lourdes says that came up with their own.

New underwear from «Material Girl», as well as cosmetic line should appear just before the new school season. I promise that next week some stores will sell American innovations.

Author: Julia Gnedina