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Personal happiness Alena Sviridova
Alain Sviridov - a girl, pleasant in all respects. Her songs - hits the image - the embodiment of femininity and style. About privacy Alena always walked a lot of rumors and gossip. She attributed novels with athletes and foreign actors, "married" to the policies and obscure yuntsah. However, all these gossip behind the popular singer does not prevent it to build your own, now the family fortune, which was carefully hidden from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Today, Alain Sviridov is not married and has two sons alone. On this, as well as work, leisure, hobbies, weather, and we spoke with the honored artist of Russia.

Pregnancy in the gym
A reasonable amount of physical education has a positive effect on the female body. This is a truth known to all. Of course, since the pregnancy should reconsider its relations with the fitness club, moderately restrict the exercise. But do not mention! For each period is good and desirable their exercises. For example, in II trimester expectant mothers will benefit from training in the gym.

Courses of preparation for the birth of the Internet
The need to prepare for childbirth is obvious to all. But not always the expectant mother is able and willing to attend training courses for childbirth - far from uncomfortable, your doctor has prescribed bed rest, etc. But now there is a way! In order to deal with the school preparation for childbirth, you can not even leave the house! Computer and internet access - everything you need, because there "School Online Childbirth"   - Internet training courses for childbirth. It is not webinars, meaning you are not tied to a specific time and do at any time, when it is convenient. The program is scheduled for 4 and 6 weeks of classes - of your choice. There's even a course of preparation for childbirth, "Only for dads." Judging by the reviews dealing with online training in these courses is not only effective, but also enjoyable. All details you can find on the site "School Rodov online» -

"Jubilee" at the hospital GKB number 72
In 2011, CCH №72 celebrates round date - the 50th anniversary. Founded in 1961, near the metro station "Youth", the Metropolitan Hospital confidently holds the leading position on the power spectrum of hospital beds and services. Every year there are examined and treated about 15,000 people, is born more than 3, 5 thousand children. On the maternity ward at the Clinical Hospital №72 and his staff our magazine connects not only work, but also the warmth of human friendship.

About school uniform
The tradition of wearing uniforms in schools of our country's existence since time immemorial. To it can be treated in different ways - some in favor, while others strongly opposed. But no one would deny that in today's world, this tradition is being revived and input literally in every school. Star parents have shared with our readers their school memories and attitudes towards school uniform.

Sergei Safronov: marvels
Sergei Safronov on the magician learned long ago. A talented magician, one of three brothers Safronov, famous for their spectacular stunts and performances as the leading show "Battle of psychics" on TNT, slowly getting used to his new role - a loving husband and a caring father. On normal subjects that can work wonders with the babe Alina, a young dad gladly told our readers.

"Buffet": the romance and nostalgia of old Moscow
Perhaps Moscow can safely be called one of the world capitals of the restaurant. In the city at every step you can eat by the institution for every taste and budget. However, places where you can relax both body and soul, a tasty meal, sit in the noisy company, and in the narrow family circle with the children - not so much. Cafe "Buffet" united virtually all that is like little adults gourmets - romantic and at the same time a few you like this atmosphere, elegance and fun paintings on the walls, lots of light, soft sofas in warm colors, cozy blankets and teddy bears .

Moscow Museum of Animation
Cartoon - a magical world, which in a moment can turn a child into an adult, a child - in the judicious and intelligent adult, Losers and the bully - in the educated youth and shy girl - a fun and a good cheerleader. To animate no barriers! At the same time, we were convinced by visiting the Moscow Museum of animation at the Exhibition Centre.

Why do children like sweets?
Observations show that if the child is left alone with a sweet, without any restrictions, only the first time he gobbled it without residue. Children who are (in the experiment, of course) does not restrict access to the sweets, very quickly "load up" and started asking for burgers.

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