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Beautiful pregnancy Anastasia Stotskaya
The red-haired beauty, is one of the brightest representatives of Russian show business, singer and actress Anastasia Stotskaya is about to become a mother. On the issue of replenishment of the family Nastia was very modest, low-key and hides the interesting position to the last. Family life has placed its priorities on time, the singer left the stage and stopped touring. However, this did not prevent pregnancy the expectant mother to carry out interesting and actively: almost eight months Nastya continued to travel with her husband and to prove to everyone that the pregnancy - is not a disease, and the best state in the life of every woman.

Courses of preparation for the birth of the Internet
The need to prepare for childbirth is obvious to all. But not always the expectant mother is able and willing to attend training courses for childbirth - far from uncomfortable, your doctor has prescribed bed rest, etc. But now there is a way! In order to deal with the school preparation for childbirth, you can not even leave the house! Computer and internet access - everything you need, because there "School Online Childbirth"   - Internet training courses for childbirth. It is not webinars, meaning you are not tied to a specific time and do at any time, when it is convenient. The program is scheduled for 4 and 6 weeks of classes - of your choice. There's even a course of preparation for childbirth, "Only for dads." Judging by the reviews dealing with online training in these courses is not only effective, but also enjoyable. All details you can find on the site "School Rodov online» -

 Magazine "» № 8-2011 on sale from July 25, 2011
 Secrets of ultrasound
Every woman during pregnancy with the thrill and excitement comes to ultrasound. However, during the ultrasound, and after expectant mothers there are many questions. Some fear that the diagnosis can be harmful to the baby, others may not understand the conclusion of the doctor, and others generally questioned the appropriateness of the study.

Intestinal infection
During gestation female baby diet changes, sometimes - radically. Taking care of the baby getting as much nutrients and vitamins, the expectant mother in the menu includes lots of fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products, the use of which, as is known, can cause intestinal infections.

 Magazine "» № 8-2011 on sale from July 25, 2011
 Pregnancy and pets
The first pregnancy before deciding to put me a hard question: what to do with the cat? Fluffy darling met me at the door, humming and flippers and filled my life with warmth and comfort. But what used to for me is not a problem (for example, changing its toilet), it becomes potentially dangerous during pregnancy. A cat or a child?

Breaks the soft tissues of the birth canal
Childbirth - a natural process. But whatever the nature of the woman cared for, even it is not always able to cope with the circumstances. Sometimes everything is not as smooth as we would like, and the birth canal are experiencing excessive stress, causing their break.

Cesarean Section: Step by Step
Some mothers feel a cesarean easy and not tedious way to give birth to a child. I fell asleep, woke up - and get your hands on a wonderful toddler. But doctors, at least in our country refuse to do the operation at the request of the patient. Why is that? Because, like any other abdominal surgery, cesarean section can lead to serious complications. And only if the risk is justified if the expected benefit from surgical intervention is higher than the expected damage - surgery to be.

Baby "to order"
The mystery of conception has long been interested in people. Why in the same family only girls were born, and the long-awaited heir does not appear? Why the other, on the contrary, there were a few brats and no beautiful baby? And is it possible somehow to "order" a child of a particular sex?

 Magazine "» № 8-2011 on sale from July 25, 2011
 When a baby's temperature
Kids get sick. Some frequently, others - less frequent, but rarely one of the parents may say that his child has never raised the temperature. And how many times this has happened either, exhausting minutes of waiting indications "thermometer" is always worrying and anxiety.

In the mouth, Misha "porridge"
When the crumb is only beginning to utter the first incoherent sounds, parents are already dreaming about what was about to say it will be a coherent sentence, telling poems, sing songs. However, their expectations are often deceived when the grown baby found dyslalia.

 Magazine "» № 8-2011 on sale from July 25, 2011
 Good night, children
Children do not like to sleep. Nevertheless, they need to sleep in order to gain strength for new games and new discoveries in the fascinating process of learning. And if a baby's still possible to somehow lull, soothe my mother's chest, then with the older, more rebellious offspring can be a problem.

For computer - with a baby
Whether we like it or not, adults, computer games have become a mandatory part of children's activities, as before, and hide and seek "cops and robbers." Good or bad - it is pointless to argue. It is better to try at least once to play with the baby "in his field." And the authority of parents who can win, just fly to an unattainable height.

"Forbidden fruit" singer Valeria
Popular singer Valeria slim, fit and keeps himself in great shape for many years. Who would have thought that she - my mother had three children! Evil tongues say that the excellent appearance Valerie - is the result of a series of plastic surgeries. In fact, her secret - in a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. On that day, every woman can do to improve yourself and your body and catch the admiring glances of men, the singer told the readers of our magazine.

 Magazine "» № 8-2011 on sale from July 25, 2011
 Shopping in the "position"
During pregnancy, new opportunities for shopping that can not but rejoice real woman. In addition to the change of the upper wardrobe awaits acquainted with the amazing things about which you never knew. To make such purchases in the best specialized stores, where experienced salesmen will help to choose the right size and model chosen.

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