1,000 new bottles for the 1000 exceptional women
 Giorgio Armani presents La Femme Bleue - a new limited edition fragrance for women. Name aroma given a collection of clothes and make-up by Armani season spring / summer 2011.

Armani was inspired by a woman of extraordinary people of North Africa - Tuareg. She and he dedicated his "blue" clothing collection for this season, and this new fragrance. Tuareg - the world's only nation whose men even in the family circle are obliged to cover their faces bandage, and women are respected and special honor. For example, girls from an early age learn to read and write, and a man is allowed to be illiterate.

The new fragrance La Femme Bleue - an invitation to travel to the places where he lives Tuareg woman, a mysterious blue nomad crossing the desert.

Blue - the central and in the collection, and in flavor, which is why perfume composition is based on the iris flower, in addition to the flavor included unusual notes of incense and chocolate, complemented by notes of vanilla smell.

 1,000 new bottles for the 1000 exceptional women

The whole world is made only 1,000 copies of smell, says the maestro Armani for thousands of exceptional women. It is worth 375 pounds a bottle (100 ml Eau de Parfum), copies will be sold in the UK in stores Selfridges.

 1,000 new bottles for the 1000 exceptional women

Photo: advertising images and displays a collection La Femme Bleue by Giorgio Armani

Author: Julia Gnedina