Conference on "Healthy vision with Elvira Artemova"
 Eyes - mirror of the soul and vision - one of the most important human senses. For information on how to organize the prevention of eye diseases, to pass the actual diagnosis, and a method of treatment to choose, talk to our site ophthalmologist Elvira L. Artemovna specialist network of clinics MEDSI *.

* Industry: outpatient care of patients, physical examination, diagnosis (visometry, biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy forward, backward, with a wide pupil, tonometry, perimetry, Gonioscopy, autorefractometry, pneumotonometry), treatment, management of honey. documentation, removal of postoperative seams, subconjunctival injections, paraorbital, removal of foreign bodies from the conjunctiva and cornea. The selection of simple and complex points. Passed certification course on "Modern approaches to improve the tolerability of contact lenses", "astigmatism contact lenses." Training on the theme "ultrasonic methods of research in ophthalmology."

** Suffer from computer vision syndrome? The network of clinics MEDSI gives a discount on the diagnosis and treatment of this disease all participants Site Password, which is not to forget - "Diets. Ru".

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We look forward to your questions and wish you good health and a positive view of the world!