Heidi Klum launches new fragrance
 Model, TV presenter, biznesvuman, and more recently, beauty-blogger - Heidi Klum - will release its fragrance Shine. This is the first fragrance for women from the star. The premiere is expected in September this year. Shine advertised as flower arrangement.

Heidi herself says of his creation: "I wanted to scent was sensual and feminine, but at the same luxury, giving a sense of smell expensive, because I think that a lot around perfumes that smell cheap and too sweet."

It is surprising that this is really the first experience of a model with perfume. Because Heidi has a reputation for incredibly successful in business, all of its business projects become profitable, whether it's own line of clothing, cosmetics or a website for women. Not to mention the career of model and TV presenter, she successfully combines the role of mothers of large families and caring wife.

Heidi put perfumers challenge, so on a new fragrance labored just three masters. As a result, fans will get a luxurious oriental-floral arrangement. Opens scent notes of mandarin, pear, pink pepper. The notes of the "heart" - absolutes mimosa mountain lily, sunflower. A base notes consist of a mix of vanilla, tonka bean and musk from Vesesuely.

 Heidi Klum launches new fragrance

Aroma Shine by Heidi Klum will be available from September 2011, in the form of toilet water in bottles of 15, 30 and 50 ml. Then come flanker, seasonal summer version of Summer Shine, it will be ready by spring 2012.

 Heidi Klum launches new fragrance

Despite the desire to create a road Heidi smell, at a price it will be available (from 17 to 35 dollars per bottle, depending on the volume). It will be sold in mass-market stores.

Photo: wwd.com

Author: Julia Gnedina