Jennifer Aniston spent the first salary for a used Mercedes
 42-year-old Hollywood actress, audience favorite and ex-girlfriend Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston became persona July issue of «Marie Claire» (the US version). At the shooting for the cover of Jane I told a couple of interesting details about his life before and after fame.

Cover turned in the style of the Jennifer - mischievous, active and stylish. Actress - only jacket from Ann Demeulemeester and panties from Gucci, nothing more! Mowing, which so outraged Jane, calling his most fatal mistake, grown a bit, and in front of us again, the natural beauty of the very perky girls from the TV series "Friends." I can not believe that since its inception a decade has passed!

Aniston still remembers his difficult life before the show. She spoke about it «Marie Claire». "In anticipation of roles and demands for acting work, I worked as a waitress in a New York cafe Jackson Hole. Then he moved to Los Angeles, where he finally began to receive proposals for participation in the projects almost regularly. But before they hit the TV series "Friends", my fees were more than modest. And when I got my first fee to participate in the series, then spent it on buying a used Mercedes! "

What do you think, what would be doing if you were not an actress? - The journalists asked Jen. "Probably it would have been an interior designer. I like to imagine how I would have remade some interiors ... My current home is not created without me, and I'm proud of what I did in the interior for themselves ", - said Jennifer restless.

 Jennifer Aniston spent the first salary for a used Mercedes

Author: Julia Gnedina